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July 29, 2015 / CoffeeCoder

2D, or not to 2D? 2D!

Goodness gracious it has been a while, hasn’t it?

Life. Likes to get in the way and throw curveballs at us, preventing us from doing the things that we love, such as GAME PROGRAMMING!

I know in my last posts I was raving about using Unity/Unreal for all of my game projects, and how I was saying that I would use it for every project. Well, that’s not exactly the case…

Here’s what’s great about an engine like Unity, or Unreal. They’re great places to start, and the results you can get are pretty stunning – IF you know what you’re doing! They take quite a bit of learning, and you also have to learn to deal with the engine’s way of doing things a certain way. In my opinion? Not very fun.

So, I have decided to program my own games from scratch, at least the next several. One (and my main focus right now) will be a 2D platformer, and feature very pretty sprites. Originally, I wanted this game to be 3D, but I’m pretty much doing this game all on my own, and since I’m much better at drawing and animating 2D things rather than 3D, well, that kind of determined the outcome. Plus, I love the older 2D games, since they had to be really inventive in terms of level design and content! I hope to be at least half as inventive as some of those great older titles!

For the actual programming, I’m using App Game Kit 2, by The Game Creators. I may eventually use C++ instead of AGK BASIC, but for now AGK BASIC is doing fine for my needs. The great thing about App Game Kit is that The Game Creators are constantly updating it, and it will very soon have full 3D functionality – so in the future I plan to make my own 3D game series with its own custom-built engine, completely made with AGK!

My goal is to really get back into the art of programming. It’s too easy to get caught up in the latest “easy” engines, the ones that all you have to do is drag and drop, or design Blueprint scripts to do all the work for you. Great tools, just not the tools for me currently.

Yes, programming takes a lot more work, and most of the time I will probably wonder to myself “Am I insane? Would using Unity not make this infinitely easier?!”, and indeed that is part of the fun. Yes, doing it that way may make it easier – but where’s the fun in that?


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