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December 22, 2013 / CoffeeCoder

Learning more about Unity (4.3)

Over the past few days, I’ve been watching a lot of scripting tutorials on Unity’s YouTube channel.  Since I had forgotten a lot about programming since the last I had touched it, I felt like it was a good idea for a quick refresher.

Somehow, I’ve managed to learn a lot more over the past two days than I had in the previous few years I had been studying programming.  I’ve learned more about Vectors, classes, and everyone’s favorite, math!  However, even with all of this progress, I’ve also realized I need a pretty big refresher in even basic algebra – I’ve forgotten such simple things as long division and basic multiplication, it’s a wonder I’m able to think on my own!

Aside from the programming, I’ve also learned more about how Unity works in general, like setting up different buttons for game input, using materials to create colors, lightmapping techniques, and various other little things (destroying components on an object, for example).

Hopefully, I’ll have learned enough to begin work on my NaGaCreMo ’14 project soon!  I’ve decided to do a remake of “Breakout”, only with lots of little twists and other fun things to make it quite different from the original!

I’m going to start posting weekly updates on the progress of my learning.  This will help keep me motivated to stay learning, and also help me keep track of everything I have learned so far!


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