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December 3, 2013 / CoffeeCoder

NaGaCreMo 2014!

For NaGaCreMo this coming year, I’m going to produce one working level of Cuboidz.  However, instead of doing Cuboidz in 2D, I’ve decided upon a unique look that will hopefully give an interesting feel to the game!

Imagine, if you will, a side-scrolling platformer in 3D in which you can choose which angle you’re viewing it at.  One angle could be isometric, the other top-down, and yet another could even be first-person!  But here’s the kicker – you can only choose these views AFTER you’ve unlocked them by either “finding” it in a previous level, or hitting a certain amount of points.

Using Unity3D for this game will make that SO much easier – I can use the tagging function Unity has in order to “see” which view is currently activated, and by using a function in the player’s stats script I can easily determine which views the player currently possesses in their inventory, and thus which one is currently activated.

But it gets even more twisted-er  than that: after you select your view, and if it’s a particularly tricky view to play in, and you complete the level within a certain time using said view, you may obtain a certain reward!  Yay!

Of course, there will be levels where the camera is relatively fixed, so using different views will either be disabled in these cases, or you can only use a select few.  In some levels, you won’t be able to see certain secrets, unless you use certain views, so the aim of the game is to encourage experimentation, and exploration!

Amazing how an idea can evolve in a year, eh?


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