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July 10, 2013 / CoffeeCoder

I’m not dead!

Hi everyone, sorry for lack of updates!

I am very much alive and have just been swamped with lots of activities.  Joined a gym with my girlfriend a few weeks ago and have been going 2-3 or even 4 times a week, and my work schedule has been all over the darned place, too, which means I’ve had a lot less time to work on any development for my Awesome Project of Awesome™, which I will work on more on Sunday since that’s my next day off.  I have been working on some notes for characters, basic design elements and the like, but I’ve got nothing uploaded yet!

I think I’ve said this, but the game will be made using Unity3D, so that I can utilize a TON of great assets, like NGUI, 2D Toolkit and many other things!

However, I am not proficient in Unity just yet, so I have to take a lot of courses to get decent at it!  This will take some time but be so worth it in the end!


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