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June 19, 2013 / CoffeeCoder

Leadwerks for Linux: A Crowdfunded Endeavor

Leadwerks Editor

How cool would it be if Linux users could easily create a game with AAA-style graphics on their favorite OS?  Without having to use another operating system to develop the game, and then export it to Linux?

Well now, Leadwerks is attempting to create a version of their popular and very capable engine to Linux!  It’s on Kickstarter, and promises to deliver a powerful gamet engine for a great operating system, and to encourage game development and distribution on the platform!

With the recent advent of Valve making Steam available on Linux, and now a game engine being directly ported over to Linux (provided the goal is reached, which I’m sure it will be!), it would seem that Linux is truly gaining much more popularity, and will continue to do so if people push games on it enough.  Honestly, I would be a full-time Linux user is software like GameMaker and Unity3D would be ported over as well.  Perhaps that will begin to happen, after Leadwerks has been ported?  One might think so, but I’m glad a humble company like Leadwerks are being the first to take that major step!

Anybody use Leadwerks?  I have downloaded the demo and find it a lot simpler to use than Unity3D, and it will be awesome when it’s on Linux.  I can’t wait to use it!


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