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June 13, 2013 / CoffeeCoder

Why I’ll be purchasing the PS4

xbox one killer

Best console ever?

With the wonderful news of not requiring an internet connection at all, that was really the deciding factor for my future purchase of the Sony PlayStation 4.  Along with the pricetag of $399 and the ability to buy/sell used games (although there still is the option for publishers to restrict some things about that), it really was a no-brainer as to which console will win this generation, and what company will get my money.   Money that I am perfectly happy to separate with, which normally isn’t the case with games consoles.

If you log onto to Twitter or do a simply Google search, you’ll see a ton of people saying the same thing.  I certainly don’t remember anything like this happening during the last generation.  It was pretty much 50/50 on which console ruled, and which console drooled.  People loved both the 360 and PS3.

This time, it’s a hugely different tale, and Microsoft are being big, giant dictators on what gamers can and cannot do with their new Xbox One, and their games.  Sony, on the other hand, are being considerate and listening to gamers’ wants, needs, and showed everyone at E3 that they can pretty much now officially claim victory of the decades-long Console Wars.  Nintendo almost isn’t even a contender at this point, sadly.  Unless they can come up with something fast to turn around the failure of the Wii-U, they may end up having to “pull a Sega”, and discontinue the practice of making console.

Anyway, that’s not entirely the point of this post.  I want to explain the enticing features of the PS4, and why I think it’s probably the best console ever to have hit the market.  Here’s just a few reasons why I think Sony is my new favorite game people!

1 – PlayStation Plus
It’s a lot like Xbox Live, but in my opinion infinitely better.  Sure, you now have to pay a fee for the online services, but Xbox gamers have had to do that since the launch of Live.  In other words, I really don’t care.  I gladly will pay the price for awesome features, such as…

Beautiful Design!

Sure, the look may change, but that is some seriously good interface design for PlayStation Plus.  Everything is displayed right there, in a great, easy-to-navigate layout, and combines basic social things with gaming.

2 – Definitive Indie Support
Microsoft basically gave the middle finger and said  said “suck it” to indie developers several months (maybe a year?) ago, when they discontinued the XNA Framework, which was an easy-to-use, C#-based game development framework, and replaced it with C++/DirectX libraries and said that indie developers should use those instead.  Do you KNOW how hard it is to develop games in raw C++ and DirectX code?!  Ridiculously difficult, not to mention that beginning programmers will NOT want to use it.  And now, while they say they will support indie development on the Xbox One, they’ve yet to officially declare an easy way to do it, and I’ll bet they have some insane development policies.  Sony, on the other hand, have been very open about supporting indie development on the PS4, and while it will cost a lot to make games for it, it will certainly be worth it for any developer!

3 – The Eye is a Separate, Unnecessary Accessory
It’s great that the Eye is a separate accessory, not needed at all for the PS4 to function.  Sony wins for that!

4 – Better Specs, Better Developer Support
According to several articles, game developers already prefer the PS4 for development.  Slightly more powerful RAM can make all the difference for performance, and it certainly showed in Sony’s amazing, 12-minute long and hilarious The Dark Sorcerer demo shown below.

5 – Games, Games and Games!
The most important part of any console are the games, of course!  Sony showed us a TON of great exclusive titles coming to the PS4.  Microsoft showed us all of almost nothing, and what they did finally show at the end of the presentation was…crap!  Sony, on the other hand, showed us so much greatness that I had to resist throwing money at my monitor, and had to remind myself that I couldn’t possibly afford all of them at the moment.  It will be very difficult to choose which ones to get at launch!

All in all, that is why the PS4 has won me over.  Microsuck has lost me forever.  They’ve abandoned gamers, and don’t give a crap about it.  They’d rather have their way, or no one’s way.  Xbox One never stood a chance this generation.  Microsoft, I hope you learn your lesson!


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