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June 9, 2013 / CoffeeCoder

Finally got my Ouya!

I  finally received my OUYA in the mail the other day, and have had some great fun with it already!

For a $100 console, you get an Android-based setup that allows you to download games that either have demos or are free-to-play.  While there aren’t a whole lot of games for it yet, there are many that are coming to the OUYA, and that have potential.

Really, though, the reason I got it was to develop for it.  Anybody with a free edition of Unity can create a game, export it to Android, and then stick it on a USB fash drive and pop it into the OUYA and run it.  I’m currently thinking about porting my Cuboidz game over to Unity, translating the game into 3D, and hopefully  have a decent game for it!

Speaking of Cuboidz, I haven’t been working on it lately, because I’ve hit a wall with GameMaker.  Parts of the game I want to implement just don’t work in 2D, and must be in 3D in order to work properly.  GameMaker, while capable of 3D graphics, is not the best tool to use for the job.  Unity3D is much better, especially since the Android license now comes free with it!

So I’m going to begin work on translating the graphics into 3D, and hopefully the game will be just as awesome as I originally intended it to be!


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