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June 7, 2013 / CoffeeCoder

Microsoft gets specific on Xbox One. It’s terrible.

Well, this was announced yesterday and today, and this is horrible for anybody in love with the Xbox system.

According to Microsoft, the Xbox One requires a sign-in every 24 hours to check for updates and to validate the console.  If it can’t sign-in, you can’t play, even if it’s just a single-player game.

And then itt gets worse.  If you’re borrowing the console from a friend, you  must sign-in once every HOUR.  And not everyone on the planet has a good connection, or the ability to pay their internet bill every month (probably because of shoving $900 towards the pre-order).

On the used games, all they’ve said is that it’s up to each publisher to determine if their games can be resold, and we all know that means EA is pretty happy, since they can now officially control their sales of games.  Thanks, Microsoft, you guys are the best console makers ever!

I dunno about you, but I don’t know anyone who will be buying this console. Everyone I know  have all  just committed to buying the PS4, and I’m going to be one of them, too.  Sony won’t have any of the stupid DRM or used games crap, and their console definitely isn’t going to be always-online, or even require a sign-in in any amount of time.

Congratulations on selling a ton of PS4’s Microsoft!


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