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May 27, 2013 / CoffeeCoder

Huge graphic overhaul, more mechanics implemented!

I have made a lot of additional progress  today on Cuboidz, enough so that I believe I can start developing the actual game here pretty soon!

First, I made some good progress with the graphics.  After some internal debate, I decided the best way to handle all background objects would be to include them all in the main tileset for each level (pretty much like the pros often do), and any animated graphics (background or foreground) would be handled as objects in the GameMaker engine.

Here’s a screenshot of the updates visuals!

Checkerboard FTW!

Checkerboard FTW!

As you can see, I also made item blocks! While not yet refined, or even barely working, I did manage to get them to produce basic objects, and in the video below you’ll see a test with a Super Jump Powerup, which probably won’t be in the actual game, since all I was really doing was testing the blocks, and super-jumping isn’t a necessary thing for the game.

I go back to work this week (I had four days off, originally for a vacation, but which now have become sick days), so work on this project may slow a down a little, but I am so motivated to keep at this!  I expect to have a working level 1 done before summer!


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