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May 24, 2013 / CoffeeCoder

Great Progress Being Made!

I have made leaps and bounds of progress today!

My original plans for the weekend were to go to a cabin with my girlfriend and her family for Memorial Day weekend.  We’ve been trying to go for 3 years in a row now, and somehow I never get to.  This year, I finally had the weekend available, and I got sick with a cold that made it feel like my throat was trying to kill me, and left my neck incredibly stiff and sore.  So, I couldn’t go for year 3.  Ever feel like the Universe is just working against you sometimes?

Well, I decided to use this misfortune as opportunity to seriously get my butt in gear and learn a lot about GameMaker, and I finally have enough knowledge to make an incredibly simplistic (but still fun) platforming game – and pretty soon, I’ll even release a level or two!

Here’s a screenshot, showcasing “Cuboidz”, the game that’s replacing my previous project until I figure out the storyline and direction I want to take it…

Good progress for one day, eh?

Good progress for one day, eh?

Nearly all of the objects will be redesigned (except the land sprites, I rather like their look and I may just add a little more detail).  As you can see, the enemies are just a recoloring of the player, and that was done only to test enemy functions with.

One of the major things  I had to learn how to do in order for this game to work was create what’s known as a “jump through” platform.  This is a common element in almost all platforming games, and as the name suggests, it allows the player to “jump through” apparently solid ground, then land on top of it as soon as they’re above it.  A seemingly simple idea, it took forever to finally find a way to do it.  One of the major problems with this technique is that if the player is under one of the jump through platforms and there’s an enemy on top of  it, it will fall through because it’s not solid ground.  The solution I came up with, through the combination of YouTube tutorials, GMC users suggestions and ideas of my own, I put together an idea that acts as such: If the enemy is on either solid ground OR the non_solid jump through platform, then its gravity is non-existent, and it positions itself accordingly. But if it’s not on the platforms, then its gravity is set, and it falls and dies. Pretty simple idea, and it worked great!

But then I also figured out a way to create “enemy barriers”, which bounce the enemy in the other direction before they fall, similar to Red Koopas in all Mario games.  After that, I added a “debug mode”, which shows the collision blocks, and the enemy barriers as such…

Debug mode. Work in progress!

Debug mode. Work in progress!

The red block that the player is standing on is the solid version of the Jump through platform, and blue blocks represent the non-solid blocks the player can jump through, but will become solid (the red block) after they’re above and on it. It took a lot of work to get this all working, but now that it is, I’m ready to start production of this game! Stay tuned for more information!


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