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April 29, 2013 / CoffeeCoder

Continuing Sprite Design: Day 2

Well, today I was really busy, so I wasn’t able to do a lot of spriting, and Minecraft may have distracted me a bit as well. Oh, that block-breaking game!

What I did get done, however, was learning how to manipulate GIMP in order to obtain an easier workflow. I now have a palette/color editor that helps out IMMENSELY while designing sprites. Now, if only I had a Wacom Bamboo Create in order to make drawing a lot simpler, although the Splash may be more affordable. Should probably go for the latter.

After all of that, I was able to draw some decent land. More detail will be added over the week, as that’s what this whole week’s about!

Better land?

Better land?


I decided that the droppy-downy chunks of grass looked pretty good, then I remembered I’ve seen that design in games like Sonic and Mario… oh well! Gotta have inspiration from somewhere, right?

Tomorrow, there shall be more improvements!


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