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April 24, 2013 / CoffeeCoder

First screenshot of my test level, with all placeholder graphics!

I finally have created some decent sprites, though you can’t really tell in this image. The character sprite is just something I whipped up in five minutes, and kind of looks like a certain someone (*ahem* yours truly *ahem*), only far less handsome. Also, I would never be caught dead in shorts that color, they’re just not flattering.

The actual character will be the robot I’ve been talking about, but I haven’t begun drawing that sprite. I need to get better at designing first, then I’ll attempt it!

Best Graphics Ever!

Best Graphics Ever!

Much more details will be added, and I already know how I want to alter the land sprites again. 32×32 is far too small for this project, so I’m going to try 48×48 and see how that works because 64×64 is just too big. More updates will be posted this weekend!


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