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April 23, 2013 / CoffeeCoder

Fun with GML (GameMaker Language) and Other Topics!

As with any decent game engine these days, there is usually a built-in scripting language that allows the user to make their own scripts, and thus gives them better flexibility when developing their game. In GameMaker’s case, it’s a language that’s very similar in style to “C“, and I must say it’s actually rather fun to use, and easy to learn.

I’ve now learned how to make my player jump (thanks to the GMC Forums and user TerraFriedSheep for all of their help!), and how to utilize the built-in gravity functions to bring him back down (or die, if he falls off of a ledge), and also how to use .INI files, which are incredibly useful for storing data, whether it’s for game settings or even level data.

And while on the subject of game development, I’m still attempting to learn spriting. Due to my incredibly busy work week, I’ve been unable to really produce anything, and what I’ve learned is that my skills really aren’t quite that great. Perhaps if I had a Wacom Tablet, that would help!
I’ve tried another program for spriting called GraphicsGale, and it’s actually pretty decent. It seems very similar in style to Pro Motion 6, and it’s free. I’m unsure if it has some of the nicer features of PM6, but I guess experimentation is the only way to find that out!

All in all, my advancement with GameMaker and spriting over the last week or so has been fairly decent, considering I just started learning it all a little over a week ago. Pretty soon, I’ll be able to keep a gallery, where everyone can see my progress (and some hints of a certain game I’ve been talking about!). Stay tuned, everyone!



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